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How Facebook Business Page Management Works

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Facebook Business Page Management Service – You Get All This:

  • Opening your Facebook Business Page (if you don’t have one)
  • Designing & Building Your Facebook Business Page
  • Creating Custom, Facebook Optimized “Cover Image” & Uploading to Your Page
  • Creating Custom, Facebook Optimized “Profile Picture” & Uploading to Your Page
  • Uploading Facebook Optimized Images
  • 2 to 3 Custom Posts per week on you Facebook Business Page
  • Engaging Fans in Conversation on your Facebook Business Page by Monitoring and Referring Direct Questions to You
  • “Liking”, Sharing and Commenting on Sporadic Posts to Increase Engagement
  • Increasing Your (real) “Likes” and Getting More Fans to Visit Your Facebook Business Page
  • Daily Account Monitoring of “Mentions” by Our Facebook Experts
  • Performance Report of your Facebook Page Engagement
  • Deleting Unsolicited Messages Posted on Your Facebook Business Page

All this for $99.00 per Month. With No Contracts and No Gimmicks!




Try It Risk-Free | Cancel at Anytime

We build your Facebook Business Page which Includes:

  • Opening Your Facebook Business Page Account
  • Creating Your Cover Photo Banner
  • Adding Your Logo to the Profile Picture Area
  • Inviting Our Database to “Like” Your Page
  • Inviting Your Email Database to “Like” Your Page
  • Writing and Adding 2 to 3 Relevant Post Per Week to Your Page
  • Adding Our Reseller / Affiliate Message to Your Page
  • Monitoring Your Feed & Facebook for Mentions of Your Brand

After the first month you can cancel without penalty and you get to keep your Facebook Business Page! Absolutely no fees or penalties! If you decide to keep using our services your credit card will be billed $99 per month until you decide to cancel. There are no contracts or obligations. Cancel at anytime time with our no hassle cancel policy. You are automatically eligible to resell our Facebook Business Page Management services.

Automatically Earn Commissions as a Reseller – We Post and You Earn Monthly Recurring Commissions – How to Earn $22,500 in 12 Months

  • We add your Affiliate Ad to your Facebook Business Page 1 to 2 times per week – You get paid on new clients
  • You will be paid on or after the 10th of each month for commissions earned up to the last day of the month.
  • You’ll earn $25 per month for each new FBPM client that you refer through your Facebook Page links or personally, for as long as you and they continue to be paying clients of our service.
  • Bonus Commission: If in any given month 10 or more new FBPM clients sign up through your Facebook Page links or personally, you will earn a one-time bonus of $25 per sign up, retroactively to client 1 that signed up in that month. 

Example #1:  10 New Clients Enroll in September: You earn $25 x 10 = $250 per month, every month and a one time bonus of $250

  • Total Earnings = $500.00 for the month of September and $250 per month after the first month.

Example #2:  10 New Clients Enroll Every Month for 12 Months, at the end of 12 months you earned the following:

  • Monthly Commission Income for first 12 Months = $19,500
  • Bonus Commission Income for first 12 Months = $3,000
  • Total Commissions Earned in first 12 Months = $22,500*

*These earnings shown here are only an example and may vary from person to person.  Earnings are not a promise or guarantee and will depend on the efforts, tools and resources of the person using this program. You must be as active affiliate on the date commissions are due to you in order be qualified to receive commissions and bonuses.