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Make your Facebook Business Page works for you!

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Why you need an optimized Facebook Page for Your Business


You have heard from social media “experts” that you need a Facebook Page for your business. Then, you wonder, why do you need a tool where 99 percent of your posts are never seen by anyone? However, you go and get a Facebook Page opened. You make it pretty by branding it with your logo, image, colors and slogan. You then tell all your friends and visitors to “Like” your page and you manage to get 300 Likes to your page. Now what? How is your Facebook page important to your business?


A normal Facebook Page will only serve to use up your time and money, unless…  Unless you create an iFrame for your Facebook Page. An iframe page encompasses the C.C.E. (TM) formula.  The C.C.E. (TM) makes your Facebook Page a practical, real business tool for growing your database, getting your visitors to take an action getting them to engage with you.


The C.C.E.(TM) Formula stands for:


C – Capture

C – Call to Action

E – Engagement


With this formula implemented on your Facebook Page you can Capture leads and add them to a CRM or other databases. You get the visitor to your page to take an Action. And you create an Engagement, or communication with the visitor. All this leads to real return on investment for your business.


Don’t wait anymore and try our service, you won’t regret it!


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